Tulip for Salesforce

Tulip and Salesforce are working together to offer a joint mobile platform for retail stores that delivers an omnichannel commerce and clienteling solution for store associates.

Empower retail store associates with mobile assisted selling solutions to drive sales.

A Unified Omnichannel Customer Experience

Integrate Tulip with Salesforce to get key data to the frontline store workers.

Integrate with eCommerce to connect online and offline and create a seamless customer experience.

Boost the performance of retail workers by providing quality sales tools and training.

Empower store associates with clienteling tools to elevate service and sales.

Clienteling to Personalize the Shopping Experience

Access shoppers’ profiles and activity to personalize experiences.

Leverage Salesforce customer and product information.

Use Mobile-first solutions with beautiful, intuitive user interfaces to sell shoulder-to-shoulder.

Personalize the shopping journey with smarter content targeting and product recommendations.

Unified Commerce

Tulip has standardized connectors and cartridges that integrate with the Salesforce Commerce, Service, and Marketing Clouds to provide a 360-degree view of shoppers and deliver a more personalized shopping experience.

Enables assisted selling for store associates using Tulip mobile apps.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration

Provides access to the product catalog, inventory and customer information for a unified omnichannel experience.

Enables “endless aisle” purchases from the omnichannel catalog via the Commerce Cloud eCommerce engine.

Provides access to the rich customer profile in the Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

Delivers a more personalized experience, targeted content and more relevant and intelligent product recommendations in store.

Enables omnichannel customer activity history for a 360-degree view of the customer.

Provides access to the customer profile and past activity in Salesforce.

Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

Enables a unified view of the customer across platforms and solutions.

Integrates with Salesforce workflows, tasks and activities.